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Art Director

Design Rockstars Wanted! Warhol & WALL ST. is seeking to add an experienced, uber-talented, visionary Art Director to our growing team. Candidate must have experience in driving creative vision across multiple platforms including online/mobile, offline and event experience. At Warhol & WALL ST, we focus on delivering impactful strategy matched with groundbreaking creative that helps our clients cut through the clutter and be heard. If taking charge of the creative vision for a campaign and delivering the best product and design is your passion then we’d love to meet you. If someone wouldn’t describe you as top talent then this isn’t the job for you.


  • Generates stunning visual concepts across all media platforms to ensure client success.
  • Applies design theory to understand new situations.
  • Uses original thinking and imagination to generate new ideas and solutions.
  • Keeps up quality standards despite schedule pressures and believes in and works to achieve company core values.
  • Focuses on achieving results that promote business success and growth.
  • Finds alternative solutions to overcome problems or limitations.
  • Generates energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to succeed in others.
  • Responds to development needs and expectations of others.
  • Constantly elevates Warhol & WALL ST.’s design output so that target customers say “WHOA” to our work and clients say “WOW” to our results.


  • BE BEAUTIFUL and lead development on creative projects from inception to completion and have overall sign-off on the appearance of the final product.
  • BE C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E and use our processes to actively evolve design strategies which promote excellence and make target audiences say “WHOA” and clients say “WOW” at the results.
  • BE THE VOICE and embrace the responsibility of developing the agencies visual offering; championing and selling creative work.
  • BE IMPACTFUL and lead small-to-medium, multi-disciplinary teams toward the common goal of helping clients cut through the clutter and be heard.
  • BE IN CHARGE and use your skill and innovation to take ownership of the visual elements of our creative work and proposals with two goals:
    I. to deliver quality output and,
    II. to deliver an excellent design team experience that fosters a good balance of structured design technique with innovative creativity.
  • BE THE UNDERDOG and use your understanding of a client’s brand to inspire and motivate the agency’s clients, and creatives, to be progressive through the delivery of fresh and inventive visual work.
  • BE IMPACTFUL and introduce and apply expert art direction to the visual elements of our creative projects while ensuring a high standard of visual execution across all media and campaign platforms.
  • BE INCLUSIVE and review creative team work while providing feedback and direction for improved, and enhanced, performance.
  • BE CURIOUS and uncover new ways to incorporate emerging and new media/technology formats into brand campaigns/products.


  • Has at least a Bachelor’s degree in a DESIGN, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT or MARKETING discipline.
  • 5+ in a lead design role. Candidate ideally has agency experience.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including experience creating and presenting proposals and presentations.
  • Work Portfolio will be rated on whether you:
    I. Demonstrate a high-level understanding and use of the latest art, design and production packages.
    II. Demonstrate a strong knowledge of typography, image manipulation, illustration and/or animation.
    III. Demonstrate a good awareness of digital media and evolving online platforms.
    IV. Demonstrate a broad understanding of marketing design and layout, and have a keen eye for visual details and accuracy.
    V. Demonstrate the ability to generate a reliable supply of original ideas and visual concepts.
    VI. Demonstrate the confidence to explain and support your concepts and design thinking, both internally and externally.
    VII. Demonstrate that you have a sharp eye for detail and highly-developed organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
    VIII. Showcase a flexible approach and willingness to adapt your ideas to the needs of clients and of your creative team.
    IX. Showcase a proven passion for the advertising, branding, marketing and art community.

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