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Product Manager

Strategic Visionaries Wanted! Warhol & WALL ST. is seeking a skilled product manager with a proven background in Brand Strategy and Account and Project Management. Candidates must have a well-rounded portfolio showcasing at least a few disciplines such as Event Planning, Research, Marketing Plan Creation/Execution, Digital and Social Media Management, Sound Brand Strategy Creation/Execution and/or Video Production. At Warhol & WALL ST, we focus on delivering impactful strategy matched with groundbreaking creative that helps our clients cut through the clutter and be heard. If taking charge of a “product” and delivering the best strategy and creative is your passion t hen we’d love to meet you. If someone wouldn’t describe you as top talent then this isn’t the job for you.


  • Keeps up quality standards despite schedule pressures and believes in and works to achieve company core values.
  • Demonstrates Inventiveness and imagination in handling new or difficult tasks.
  • Evaluates situations for strategic advantage.
  • Listens and anticipates needs of the customer.
  • Coaches or instructs others to improve their performance with clear objectives, expectations and feedback.
  • Views problems as opportunities and takes action.


  • BE IN CHARGE and use your skill and ingenuity to organize and maintain campaign scopes, workflows, budgets and timelines with two goals:
    I. to deliver quality output and,
    II. to deliver excellent client service while presenting opportunities to grow the agency/client partnership.
  • BE C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E and use our processes to deliver creative outputs that make target audiences say “WHOA” and clients say “WOW” at the impact of those creations.
  • BE IMPACTFUL and lead small-to-medium, multi-disciplinary teams toward the common goal of helping clients cut through the clutter and be heard!
  • BE INCLUSIVE and collaborate with, and lead, design departments to develop winning pitch decks, campaigns and creative “products.”
  • BE CURIOUS and actively seek to uncover new ways to incorporate emerging and new media formats, technologies and brand methodologies into every new brand campaign.
  • BE THE UNDERDOG and use your understanding of a client’s brand to
    I. foster and nurture great client working relationships by inspiring and motivating them to be creatively progressive and
    II. to adopt an early-on “underdog mentality” in the campaign objectives.


  • Has at least a Bachelor’s degree in a DESIGN, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT or MARKETING discipline.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in a project management, product development or marketing role. Candidate ideally has agency experience.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, including experience creating and presenting proposals and presentations.
  • Work Portfolio will be rated on whether you:
    I. Demonstrate experience in one or more of the following: launching a brand, launching a marketing campaign, developing concepts for digital or traditional campaigns, product strategy, project management, or account management
    II. Demonstrate a passion for taking a brand product from concept to completion.
    III. Demonstrate that you understand the impact of in-the-moment decision-making on the overall success of a project.
    IV. Demonstrate a commitment to excellent customer outreach, satisfaction and quality deliverables.
    V. Demonstrate that you have a sharp eye for detail and highly-developed organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
    VI. Showcase that you take ownership in strategy development, utilize data in your decision-making and know how to explain the reason/theory behind your “products” both to internal teams and to clients.
    VII. Showcase your ability to manage many moving parts and workflows, with the added ability to create effective and efficient processes that help improve results and increase productivity.

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