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2020 Local Only Categories – American Advertising Awards


These are local-only categories, so entry cost is discounted to $30 per entry. The winner(s) of these categories will receive recognition in our AAF Columbus award show and winner’s book, however, entries will not advance to regional or national competitions.

But don’t fear! You can also enter your work in the standard award category it fits. For example, the incredible website your team designed for a local brewery can be submitted for 37A Consumer Website and also for 99 Local Only. If you want to enter work into more than one category, you can do this easily by cloning an entry and changing the category.

PRIDE OF COLUMBUS is a returning category for 2021! AAF Columbus wants to honor local clients and home-grown work in any medium, so only work for Columbus-based organizations is eligible to enter. Students, this is your chance to compete with the professionals! Winners in the Pride of Columbus category are the ones who best capture the spirit of Columbus in any medium, from print to digital, interactive to experiential. May the best Columbus Creative win!

COLUMBUS TOGETHER is a timely and new addition to this year’s local-only catalog. AAF Columbus wants to honor a campaign or creative message in any medium that was created in response to COVID-19, in an effort to inspire and build confidence in the people of Columbus. Winners in the Columbus Together category are the ones who best delivered an uplifting message to our community at a time when we needed it most. Thank you, and don’t forget, we’re still in this together!

UNITED IN DIVERSITYis a new category for 2021! AAF Columbus wants to honor any creative made to promote visibility and better understand inequality issues. Entries may be work created on behalf of a business or an individual, and they may utilize any medium, from digital campaigns to downtown murals, as long as they were published or posted for people to see. Winners in the United in Diversity category are the ones who most powerfully express our city and country’s need for equality and equal rights.

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