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A Few Freelance/Solo Resources & Recommendations

On September 10th, we hosted a panel with a few solo professionals to talk about taking the leap into working for yourself. We talked about what their challenges are, what it’s like for clients to work with a solo-shop, and how they work alongside traditional agencies. They had some recommendations to share with the audience, and we’ve compiled them here.

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Resources & Recommendations –

  • General consensus is to get an accountant and Tonisha suggests using free versions until you can’t anymore!
  • Tracking time
    • Toggl Advice: Tonisha says to Track all time to make sure you are managing what you are doing. It helps to give you a real solid idea of how long projects take to make sure you give your self
    • Bonsai Timer
  • Podcasts– not necessarily about just focusing on industry trends, find things that you enjoy and that keep things interesting, makes you smarter
  • Wandering DP on IG, follow DP or cinematographers to get inspiration
  • Staying organized/tracking projects– Drew suggests just developing repeatable patterns to keep you on track an manage life and work
    • Todoist– organizes your life, between work and family
    • Google Keep
    • Old school- just simply write down the top three things that need to be done each day.
  • Payroll
  • Studio Binder scripts storyboarding, call sheets (monthly subscription)


Andy Eggert, Owner, DP/Director, Eggert Media |

Tonnisha English, CEO & Founder, TJE Communications |

Scott Mylin, Owner, Creative Director, Writer, Mylin Ltd. |

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