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AAF Columbus: The Pitch 2016

This is a can’t-miss student competition. Enroll today for a unique resume and portfolio builder!


To students, agencies, and the rest of us who will be watching the unique unveiling of this brand new event:

We have the distinct opportunity to enhance the careers of a group of young creatives and join in some good ‘ol fashioned Agency vs. Agency competition here.



The Registration Deadline: September 23

The Competition: September 30

The Big Reveal: October 13



The Pitch is a competition focused on advertising and its associated disciplines. Students will receive hands-on experience by working at a Columbus advertising agency on a real-world project with a local non-profit organization.The first part of the program is a one-day challenge in one of several agencies. After the first phase, the local non-profit will select a winning team who will present their pitch at a future AAF program.



AAF will recruit students from colleges and universities in the Columbus area to participate.

  • Students will be assigned to cross-functional teams and placed at participating agencies for this one-day event.
  • Each team will be asked to develop a pitch for the participating non-profit organization.
    • The non-profit will provide a detailed brief as well as a short video to introduce the project to the teams.
  • Teams will be given the day (9 am – 5 pm) to develop and submit their proposals.
    • During the day, the teams will have a pre-determined time where they can ask the non-profit questions and each agency will provide professionals to answer questions and provide suggestions to their student team.
    • At the end of the day, each team will be required to submit a written and video proposal to the non-profit.

Once the non-profit receives the proposals, they will be asked to review and select one winning team.

  • The winning team will be asked to present their winning pitch live at the October AAF meeting.
  • In addition, they will be recognized at the 2017 ADDYs.
  • The non-profit will “own” all the ideas presented to them for execution.



This year AAF Columbus’s The Pitch will benefit Family Pride Network. A nonprofit organization supporting LGBT parents and prospective parents. Event cost includes a one year membership to AAF Columbus and lunch on the day of the event.



A $40 student participation fee includes lunch the day of the event and a one year student membership to AAF.

If you’re a student in the Columbus area, don’t miss this opportunity to work next to some extremely talented agency pros, building a story that will set you apart in any job interview.

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