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New Era in Columbus

In partnership with BLUE Laser Design, AAF Columbus is proud to welcome you to our new website!

With our Columbus professionals in mind, we’ve created a website focused on navigation, so you can get to what you want faster, and responsive design, so we’re there for you no matter what device you’re on.

We’re excited to offer:

  • Streamlined and mobile-friendly design
  • More event photos and details
  • Increased social sharing
  • Friendlier forms
  • Improved job listings
  • Upcoming news announcements


AAF Columbus thrives on member interaction. Working with Blue Laser Design, we discovered various ideas and solutions to incorporate into our new website that encourage and enrich our membership interaction and growth. Our members consist of the most creative and innovative minds in advertising, marketing and web development. Blue Laser Design was able to create a new AAF Columbus website that is both interactive and exciting, a website meant to enrich the user experience for current and future members. AAF Columbus is proud to introduce Blue Laser Design as our valued partner and we look forward to sharing ongoing information about member updates, current events, and other new features that will keep our online presence relevant, interesting, and dynamic. Thank you to Blue Laser Design for making our interaction meaningful. And to members: keep checking in to the new website to see what’s new at AAF Columbus!


Come in, experience our new home on the web, and join your fellow Columbus communications professionals in getting connected and finding inspiration.

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