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Account Coordinator – treetree

Brief Description
You are a budding critical thinker and creative problem-solver. You are able to quickly grasp the big picture and ask the right questions. You are able to think on your feet. You have grace under pressure and you never let them see you sweat. You are air-traffic-control, anticipating all incoming and outbound action for your projects.

You’re able to get down into the details of each project to ensure each step is a success. You have meticulous attention to detail and can navigate a to-do list like no other while keeping sight of larger priorities. You will manage and support multiple accounts at treetree. You have a sense of urgency. You are able to pivot quickly and manage many overlapping tasks and workflows. You are process driven while remaining flexible, always looking for opportunities to optimize processes and improve team efficiency.

You will support a treetree Account Director and/or Account Leader on multiple accounts. You are the trusted tree who will support the workflow process with detail and precision. You craft meeting agendas, open jobs, begin estimates, develop and manage timelines and capture and communicate client feedback to the internal team. You follow projects from start to finish and keep the team energized all the while. You are able to put our clients and our team members at ease because you’ve “got it covered.”

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