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Production Manager – treetree

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As Production Manager, you are the linchpin between the Creative and Client Services teams, ensuring projects are planned and executed on scope and on time—with collaboration and transparency every step of the way. You manage the process, leaning in to understand the ask, vetting possibilities, identifying challenges, exploring feasibility and removing obstacles to help make it happen. Resourcefulness (one of our core values), is your key strength. You know there’s more than one way to do something, and you’re always willing to find option B.

You work closely with both Creative and Client Services from scope development to final production. You help develop timelines. You partner with accounting to ensure accuracy of invoicing. You balance timelines with resources, helping to identify times of surge that will require outside support. You maintain and provide real-time project status of all the work happening within the agency with our digital project management tool. You open, traffic and close jobs. You are part air-traffic control, part blue-sky thinker and part voice of reason. You help maintain the balance of what could be and what actually is on special projects. You demonstrate best practices in process, product and professionalism. You are not easily ruffled. You thrive in a high-profile role that requires all-day-everyday problem-solving mode. You are approachable, eager to help and proactive. If you don’t have the answers, you go find them.

You are a liaison with outside vendors, including print and sourcing partners, freelance resources and other third-party relationships. You’re deeply experienced in all elements of creative. You’re a seasoned pro in a variety of mediums, including print, digital and non-traditional campaign tactics. You enjoy collaborating to achieve our goals and help everyone feel supported.

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