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Member Spotlight: Daniella Siebert


Meet Daniella Siebert, a valued creative extraordinaire of the AAF community. 

Describe your role and the impact you make on your company.
I sit on the creative team as associate creative director. My background is in copywriting, so I approach most projects through the lens of strategic storytelling. The beauty of this role is that I can impact everything from brand architecture and blog posts, to video scripts and social media. Highlight a recent project or initiative that you and/or your team is proud of Front Health is a team of analysts, strategists and clinicians who are committed to accelerating the success of organizations that deliver and pay for health care. When they needed to tell their story in a new and compelling way to help bolster sales efforts, I played a key role implementing our team’s discovery findings and key messaging to give Front Health an ownable position. I’m so proud of the smart story we developed and how we pushed their design elements to a whole new level, even giving our client new ways to talk about and visualize their services and deliverables.

Why did you decide to enter the marketing/advertising/creative space?
I’ve always been a creative storyteller, so I decided early on to study journalism. I also come from a family of small business owners, so using both creativity and strategy to elevate local businesses speaks to my heart.

What brands and/or industry work inspire you and why?
To me, the most inspirational brands are those that are disrupting industries that have historically set the status quo, especially clothing and beauty. Great examples of both include Girlfriend Collective, which features size-inclusive activewear models, and Milk Makeup, which stands for diversity, inclusivity and freedom. I’m also inspired by Tonl and Nappy, which feature culturally diverse stock images—an asset that is so critical to our industry.

Why is AAF Columbus important to you?
It’s important to encourage and support the smart work our peers are putting into the world. I’m grateful that AAF Columbus not only provides a platform to be inspired by others’ work, but also to hear from industry leaders.

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