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4 Ideas for Staying Creative While Staying at Home

Being at home has created a seismic shift in the way people think about how work gets done–and that includes the creative industry. The monotony of unchanging surroundings has the potential to push us into a rut if we don’t we find ways to fuel our creative spark. Here are four ideas for staying creative while staying at home from members of the AAF Columbus community.

Tip 1: Food For Thought

Cooking fresh food can be a very creative process. You expose yourself to so many shapes, colors, and textures. Even your environment while you’re cook can be inspiring– whether it be listening to music, a podcast, or a good e-book. Cooking fresh meals appeals to all of your senses and is so nourishing for your mind, body, and soul–especially if you can cook for others in your household. With so much more time these days, keepin’ it fresh is key to keepin’ it creative! – Ashten Justus, Graphic Designer

Tip 2: Learn That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Learn

The creative mind loves a good challenge. With so many of our daily routines on pause, this is a great time to learn a musical instrument, a new language, gardening, chess, photography, or anything else that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do. The ongoing learning will keep your mind sharp, curious, and ready when creativity calls. Then, as we eventually return to our more familiar routines, you’ll be grateful that you’ve made good use of the extra time at home. – Drew Collins, Creative Director

Tip 3: Work Your Body to Give Your Mind a Break

Be the best version of yourself by staying productive both personally and professionally. Building a routine will not only help you stay on track but also keeps the creative wheels turning during this unique time. Part of that routine should be to indulge in some time for yourself. When you feel like you need a reset, do a digital workout class or run outside to clear your mind. These breaks will let you get back to feeling like the most innovative version of yourself. – Alyssa Litzinger, Graphic Designer

Tip 4: Skip the Screens

To stay creative during quarantine, take time away from screens. As we’re at home more, it’s natural to defer to screens when they’re completely surrounding us. So when you first wake up, look out the window for a few minutes to just daydream or mentally plan for your day. To get the creative juices flowing, go for walks or take a few minutes to write in a journal. Before bed, take a moment for yourself and invite in some quiet time to simply let your mind wander. – Debbie Gillum, Communications and Marketing Specialist


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